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There’s nowhere else quite like Austin, Texas. A spirit of independence and love for the unconventional is present in every corner of the city. It’s also in every bite of our hummus. Since putting down roots in the city that likes to keep it weird, we’ve tapped into our passion for approaching things differently (as most Austinites do). That means finding better and brighter ways to stand apart. Like creating products filled with rich flavors, trying exciting new combinations, and, most importantly, having fun while we do it.

It's the Austin way. And it’s our way, too.

Cool Austin, Texas

So wonderful and so weird

Awesome comes from here

Far from ordinary

Dull isn’t in our vocabulary or in our hummus. Each of our products is carefully crafted to delight not only your taste buds, but also your curiosity. We proudly set ourselves apart by seeking out new and unexpected flavor combinations that you didn’t see coming — and can’t get enough of.

the search
is on

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